IPL Cheerleaders Salary 2018 [How much they get paid per match]

By | January 16, 2017

Indian Premier League or IPL is the largest and most popular short form league cricket competition in the world nowaday which used to place in every calendar year since 2008 which competition consists of total eight teams. As like every cricketers in the competition, cheerleaders also used to play the most important role in every season of IPL. They used to give encourage to the players for good playing and also the full audiences were amazed by them. Basically, every participating team of IPL used to appoint a number of cheerleaders in every season and they perform for the team during the match.

IPL 10 Cheerleaders

After so many speculations about the IPL cheerleaders paying terms, today we have come to discuss about their salary. The salary or the payment of the cheerleaders are varying from team to team. Each team has the different paying scale where Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) used to give their cheerleaders highest amount than the rest of the team. In that case, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) are in second in position by giving their cheerleaders 2nd highest payment. However, the payment of cheerleaders started from almost $100.

Let’s take a look below where the cheerleaders salary details are given.

# Cheerleaders Salary (General Team):

  • Per Match – INR 6000 to INR 12000
  • Winning Bonus – INR 3000 For
  • Extra Appearances – INR 7000 to INR 12000
  • Photo Shoot Purpose – INR 5000

According to the above statistics, for every match, each cheerleader get almost 7000 INR which could increase to 8000 INR. It is the obvious payment in every match. But if their team gets victory, then cheerleaders used to receive a match winning bonus which almost 3000 INR. For extra appearances, they get more 7000 to 12000 INR but that is not for certain. Besides, they used to receive some more for photoshoot purpose which amount almost 5000 INR. So, according to the all calculation, each cheerleader earns almost 15000 to 25000 INR in every match of IPL. However, that was the last season calculation and in next season of Indian Premier League, the amount would probably increase somewhat.

However, KKR used to give more than above listed amount where their cheerleaders receive 6000 to 12000 INR per match along with 3000 INR bonus. They also receive a good amount for extra appearances. On the other hand, RCB cheerleaders earn around 10000 INR each where also they get 3000 INR as winning bonus and as well as for extra appearances. So, by analyzing all the facts, the cheerleaders of KKR used to get approximately 4 lakh INR in each season of IPL.

However, the cheerleaders usually are an important fact in IPL and due to them, the glam is increasing. They used to dance after every fours and sixes. As stated by the recent news, the cheerleaders salary would probably increase almost 10 percent in next edition of IPL and if the news  is true, then they could bag a handsome amount at the end of the 10th version of the largest T20 competition. Besides, the divas who dances more would earn more from the bonus and also used to receive an amount from parties or different kinds of events where they would perform.